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We live in a new era where technology has changed the way we must approach Sales. An era where everything is easily fact checked and purchasers are more informed than ever. The days of short-end Sales, high pressure and slick salesmanship have become a superhighway to failure.

If we want to flourish and create sustainable growth we must become expert trusted advisers, Sustainable growth begins and ends with powerful long-term relationships.

I help Sales people develop an effective process of selling. They discover new ways of prospecting and qualifying while learning about human behavior. Tools and techniques focus on attention management, engagement, rapport, and empathy. They find new ways to relate with clients so transparency, honesty and integrity become a driving force to produce wealth.


On the show floor you have less than 3 seconds to make a lasting impression.  Every choice you’ve made from booth design, aesthetic, messaging and engagement is judged and assessed.  Being prepared is the most valuable investment you can make when exhibiting.   

My training prepares your team to be fully equipped.  By the time your staff steps on the show floor, they will possess a full understanding of the tradeshow sales process as well know how it differs from traditional sales.  Your team will learn psychological secrets of engagement that erode barriers and create instant rapport.  They will read verbals, non-verbals and body language while qualifying in real time with strong openers, memorable elevator pitches, and case studies.  In addition to the improved individual skills the team is trained to operate as one cohesive unit, managing booth flow and giving potential clients more touch points and a memorable experience.   


TRAINING and coaching

Hearing and discerning peoples thoughts are obvious, if we know how to listen. Active listening requires our minds, hearts and intellect. To hear you, I have to understand you. And to understand you I have to care enough to step into your world. This is Relational Communications.

My coaching helps people and companies grow in their communication abilities. Teaming together we explore communication techniques while tackling and solving real problem. I help people develop an understanding of body language, rapport, active listening, proxemics, and habits of expression. The work goes much deeper than mere tools and technique, through the training, people understand identity and how it influences everything we experience.

Possessing great habits of expressions is a learned skill. Rome wasn’t built in a day, great communication skills aren’t acquired in an afternoon. The process requires commitment, consistency and is very personal in nature.


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