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Marketing at Tradeshows can be tricky. The Tradeshow Floor is unlike any other selling environments. Even experienced sales staff can fail to maximize their ROI. So, you’ve made the huge investment but do you know the best way to get the biggest return? We can help.

We drive massive crowds to your booth. We deliver your marketing message, while you pile up huge amounts of qualified leads. But we do more than that; we become a strategic partner who can advise on all elements of the Tradeshow experience. From pre-show planning and preparation to training, on-site delivery, and even post-show follow-up; we make sure your team is ready to tackle real world Tradeshows.

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I help people and companies grow in their communication abilities. Teaming together we explore communication techniques while tackling and solving real problems. You will develop an understanding of body language, rapport, active listening, proxemics, attention management, and habits of expression. That being said, the work goes much deeper than mere tools and techniques; through the training, people come to understand identity and how it influences everything we experience.

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What are you saying?

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Communication on every level is a dialogue, not a monologue. A constant interactive experience of sending and receiving, expression and interpretation. I approach keynotes in the same way. It’s an experience where everyone is actively engaged. We discover body language secrets, powerful communication techniques to build long term relationships and how to express our while decoding human behavior.

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